Sleeping bad.

Monsters.They exist.Or not.I don’t know.But if you can’t lay on your bed without forcing yourself to have your eyes open when you aren’t asleep just to stop thinking,then you will agree with me.May be you aren’t a bad person.You may not even be a fatality. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself, maybe.You might be sad.But you have a lesson with you.Everything, everything in your life happened just to get you to this spot where you are at.May be you should just put away those rose-colored glasses when you look back.Why do you think this is sad? When were you happier to begin with?
My monsters exist. I’m fighting them. Almost done.
Where are your monsters? Under your bed? In your head?



This is the first day of the rest of your life, but what kind of life will it be, huh? Will it be a life of fear, of “Oh, no no no I can’t do this”? Of never once believing in yourself?
– Walter White, Breaking bad 01×07

But seriously, what would you attempt to do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

S#it people say

I have known quite a lot of variety of people so far, few are still in my circle and many I chose to set free.
But what I still have of all of them are the memories. Memories of the massive crap they said.

Person 1: (Explaining why her son chose to join MPC but not BPC in his intermediate.The following ‘talk’ happened in the summer after his tenth std)
He says its pointless studying MBBS from anywhere but AIIMS what with all the number of doctors in every street. But he also thinks its tough to get into AIIMS, so he will join IIT.
(He has recently graduated from an IIT. Good student- yes. Dumbass- Yes)

Person 2: (Explaining why she chose ‘National Premed’ coaching course over the state CET.She was a neighbor and my junior. This ‘talk’ happened during the first week of her Intermediate first year.)
Obviously! Makes no sense to shift to the city and study for an exam that will get me into a local medical college. JIPMER, or atleast Manipal is worth aiming for.
(She just completed her BPharm course from a college in Karnataka. Course in ‘slay the snootiness’ was what she should have chosen after her Tenth)

Person 3: (Talking about a person who she would observe daily after the college while they were both driving home)
She’s such a boring and slow driver. Would go on 20 kmph, not just during heavy traffic, even with empty roads. I would know, I used to go behind her.
(I just hope she doesnt tell this anywhere else. That or let no one know that I used to know her.)

Person 4: (‘Confronting’ a friend of mine(A) who was involved in an eco project at the college)
4- To ask us to keep the earth the way you want, who do you think you are? An angel that God sent down?
A- I can see where this is going. *turns away*
4- Talking to others around her, ‘Seriously yaar’
(I don’t know what she’s doing now. I’m scared of her. Big time.)

PS: I just realized that my study break has long been over. Will add up if I remember any other nonsense.

DM, type II

So, I was reading about Diabetes Mellitus the other day and the part about adipose tissue & resting skeletal muscles got me sh*t scared.Mine’s an overly sedentary lifestyle these days and with half my grandparents being diabetic,it got me thinking about actually moving it.That and mom’s not so subtle hints that I was putting on weight.
Then later during dinner, I was talking to her about these heavy issues and that I decided to (re)join the gym.
Mom- No, waste of money.Pointless paying for the entire month when I know that you hardly go there for more than ten days.
Me-Abba ok..then stop telling me that I’m getting fat.
Mom-Go running, do yoga.
Me-Fine, I want new shoes.
Mom-Take lite, you wont get Diabetes anytime now,I dont have it right.Stop overthinking and study.
Me-…….(until next time)

Circling down the brain

Gah..I know it wont be as hard as it’s in my head, I know it.
Also it’s not the first time I’m reading the subject.
Still I brood over the fear of it.

(Edit: Ugh I sound like such a loser, thank God I dint talk about all this to a real person.Its just a blog, nobody cares,go sit over those worries, I said to my inner Goddess 😉 ((ok, that’s a private joke, between her and me)) )

Pain in the brain

This is to announce to the whole wide world that I’m done with Neuroanatomy(firstreadingonlynothingbigiknowbutwhoamikiddingitsabigdealforme.)
So, one of the (many)terrifying subjects from the mbbs days has been ticked off, after several hours of yawning and even a few extra&intracranial assaults, i think!

[Biochem, you next you mofo]

lol u so smart Dr!

As seen on the med school’s alumni facebook page:

Hello all.I’m Dr ABC. 98 batch. Working as an orthopaedician at xyz hospitals..hahah..god only save people
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Maha #facepalm

(words have been changed, the actual post is lamer)